Thursday, 20 November 2008


I'm once again looking at my spam folder and wondering why I bother? For every 500 pieces of junk one half-important email will fall into here and I now have this un-stoppable compulsion to check on a daily basis, you know, just incase an African Prince wants me to look after his $7billion fortune in my bank account or something.

Here are a selection of todays best subject titles:

Grow giant snake in pants (extreme gardening?!)

Viagra for a trifle! (drugs for cake - an interesting solution)

Doctor Boniface (if I was a doctor that's the kind of brilliant name I'd want too)

Bon Jovi lyrics roulette (a game I wouldn't actually mind playing)

Why study hard? Dip1oma/Bacheelor can be yours (because if I don't study hard I'll end up speeling l1ke yoooou)

In other news: I'm having a massive mailorder binge today, even avoiding the temptation to join friends for a pub lunch so I can focus, and 'Pulling Push Ups' by Copy Haho is lifting my spirits to Rocky-esque levels. Have you downloaded it yet?

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