Friday, 21 November 2008

R.I.P. Computer

After 6 years of gruelling hard work, obeying my every command (well, nearly) and struggling with my difficult multi-tasking schedules, my poor little computer takes its final, desperate breath this weekend. Although times have been hard of late, with viruses ripping through its fragile little system, I'll keep many fond memories of our time together. The hundreds of thousands of emails we've shared, the incredible Wikipedia discoveries we've made, the romantic nights in enjoying one anothers company and the day I signed up to Myspace. Dear computer, I will miss you so.

As of tomorrow morning I will be upgraded to a new machine. Windows XP becomes Vista. My 17" screen turns 21. My frankly piss-poor 30GB hard drive is trebled. I'll rediscover the wonder of a CD drive which will open when I press the button and not only when it chooses. A system which doesn't restart at will, most commonly when I'm busily working on an unsaved document, and a fan which doesn't whir all day, everyday, at a volume such that you need to shout over it to be heard. The delights of modern technology will be mine to revel in once more. I think I can see the 21st century appearing on the horizon

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