Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Pulling Push Ups

What's up, pussycat?

I keep meaning to write things on here and then either forgetting to do so, getting sidetracked or just giving up. And now, like an old school friend I've just bumped into in the streets who has posed the question "so, what have you been upto over the past 8 years?" all I can think to say is "yeah you know, not much."

In February we're going to be releasing the new Copy Haho EP. I'm so stoked about this release. Long-time readers will remember me banging on about these guys much earlier this year and I'm so happy we've got a release confirmed. The CD will be 5 tracks long and from the 4 I've heard so far, it promises to be a stormer. Next week I'm going to post this MP3 on the main website but I don't want to sit on it any longer. So, with no further ado, sit comfortably and wrap your listening holes around this little pop hit: Pulling Push Ups. Feel free to pass it onto all of your friends but be sure to give them a high-five and a "fuck yeah" as you do so.

I've discovered a new favourite band. Well, they're not new, and quite how or why I haven't listened to these before I don't know, but Papier Tigre and bloody brilliant.

Jack Alcopop is in New York at the moment (probably in search of brilliant festivals as detailed below - he's a horribly jealous man sometimes!) so I'll also be posting nonsense over at for the next few days. Speaking of Alcopop, our latest release, the debut single from Stars And Sons, is out this week and Mike's playing a solo gig at Puregroove in London tomorrow. You should go. Also on the Alcofront, did anyone hear goFASTER on Hollyoaks last Monday? They were the band played during the typically cheesy opening scene. Good times, although that little goth girl who looks a bit like a spider filled up most of the screen time, which wasn't overly flattering.

I'm off to do some real work. Stupid distracting blog. Here's a video of Toby recording a song from the Shoes And Socks Off album. The video shows the one and only take from the session. What you see is what you hear on the record. DIY til I die.

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