Thursday, 27 November 2008

Podcast episode 10

Episode 10 of the BSM podcast is up online now. As I mentioned yesterday it was recorded on the day of the Presidential election and uploaded on Thanksgiving so we jumped on those little bandwaggons (accidently, I must admit) and dedicated this one to the U S of A! The tracklisting is below, and you'll also hear a couple of little recorded messages from Andrew WK in amongst those. 3 points to anyone who can spot the odd ones out in this list:

1. This Town Needs Guns - Lemur
2. Maps and Atlases - Witch (followed by an interview with the band)
3. Native - Ride The Tide
4. Anathallo - The River
5. The Campaign For Real Time - Something Is Wrong
6. Look Mexico - You're Not Afraid Of The Dark
7. We Vs The Shark - Hello Blood
8. Blakfish - Economics

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