Friday, 14 November 2008

Pete Doherty

Here's something I've been debating in my head for a while and thought I would bring it out to the real world...

If Pete Doherty died tomorrow, apart from the dancing in the streets and a number of London based crack dealers losing their income, how do you think the man would be remembered?

Would he be held in the esteem of some kind of Kurt Cobain-esque figure? Would sixth form girls everywhere be shedding a tear as they scribble lyrics onto the back of their exercise books? Would your mum finally realise he's a musician and not just some messed up little guy who's famous for taking too many drugs? Would anyone really care?


ellozee said...

haha great blog.. and, put plainly... no.

Anonymous said...

I'd care.
I think he has talent.
He has a good ear for music and is a brilliant poet.
Just shame about the drugs.
I'd hope people would see it as a life wasted rather than not caring, you know?