Wednesday, 5 November 2008


After trying my best, but eventually failing, to stay awake until a new President of The USA (moving to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches) was crowned, it was a typically difficult start to the day. That said, I seem to begin every blog post with the words "man I'm knackered" or words to that effect.

Toby and I made some great plans yesterday. Doing this job every now and again you find yourself getting a little bogged down with worries of distribution, breaking even, press and accounting so it's refreshing - not to mention vital - that every now and again you remind yourself exactly what it is you love about this somewhat stupid career choice. The joy of working on the Shoes And Socks Off album is that the two of us both share the same attitude with it. A shrug and a carefree call of "fuck it" pretty much seems to sum up every aspect of the release. The 10 tracks were recorded, mostly in one take, on a tape recording in a bedroom using a battered old acoustic guitar. The artwork will be handmade by a small production line of friends, cheap wine and fried chicken. It'll be limited to as many copies as we can be bothered to make and if we don't sell any, well we don't really care. Everything is casual. No stresses, no pressure, just fun. A nice bonus is that it's one of my favourite albums of the year so far. Look out for a couple of free MP3s coming next week, maybe a video or two as well. have posted an awesome live video of Blakfish from their recent Kingston show. Check out three songs, including a new one, right here...

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