Wednesday, 26 November 2008

PC vs Mac

Gem has a new Mac which is sitting on the desk in place of my old computer (I'm on another PC, about a foot to the right) and it keeps staring at me with its big, dumb, white, "oh look at me, I'm so bloody great, I just plug in and play and am tougher than viruses" trendy bullshit face. It's everything my darling old computer wasn't and for that reason I can never accept it. Although it'll probably go on to save my life or earn my respect in some other character building, romanticised Hollywood fashion and we'll end up being best buds. Despite the distractions of pondering such unlikely events, today has been fairly productive.

Right now I'm uploading the new episode of the BSM podcast. This one was recorded on the day of the US Presidential election and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Never ones to miss a trick, the show is dedicated to the music of the United States Of America, or at least, music with an association to the US! I'll post a link and possibly some sort of tracklisting tomorrow.

As well as this feast of FTP fun I'm also brainstorming ideas for our forthcoming releases. In stark contrast to the popular opinion of those negative kids on internet forums who love nothing more than a good old fashioned "no new music interests me" rant, I can't stop finding amazing new acts and the first half of 2009 will see no less than SIX brand new bands releasing music on BSM. Two of them (Copy Haho - who are in the studio right now, by the way - and Shoes And Socks Off) were announced last week and I'll be telling you all about one more before Santa squeezes down your chimney, but you're gonna have to wait until next year to discover the others. I'm excited and a little bit scared about having so many newbies coming up, but I'm confident you're all gonna like em and they'll quickly fit into our tight-nit little family analogy. And that's what I'm thinking about right now. Dreaming up ways to break them in and make sure that you, our lovely fans, get a chance to meet them all without anyone getting lost at the back of the pack. We'll look back at this in 6 months and see how well I've done, shall we?

Thanks to those who have responded in the comments and sent emails in response to yesterdays question, by the way. Keep em coming!


Anonymous said...

That was the best start to a podcast ever!

Kev said...

Yeah it's a winner this month