Friday, 28 November 2008


Yesterday I had an email from a band called N.U.M.B. which apparently stands for Never Underestimate Musical Belief.


I've just been flicking through the new issue of Rock Sound. Not sure when it's in the shops but you'll notice Pulled Apart By Horses gracing the covermount CD and indeed being featured in their Ones To Watch In 2009 feature. I love the magazine, it's probably my favourite, but I wish they'd stop putting Green Day in that section every year!

We're having a bit of an issue with damp at BSM HQ (AKA my flat) right now. Since moving in back in August a black mouldly looking mess has started to spread across the bathroom ceiling. I've seen it before at one of my old houses (AKA the terrible studenty pit I shared with three friends) but unfortunately here we have no bathroom window to help relieve the situation. An extractor fan kicks in everytime you turn the light on and the door is always left open, but the problem only seems to worsen as time goes on. Me and my limited knowledge of anything DIY is stumped, so the estate agents are sending a man round to look at it in a bit. I recently played The Facebook Game (you know, where you type in the name of a stranger to see if their face matches the image you had in your head) on one of the women from the agentcy and her profile picture appears to be her naked. She came round the next day for a house inspection. Awkward.

I'm having a real go at getting the website updated and running as well as possible at the moment. I've been working on it one and off - mostly on behind the scenes things - over the past few days and have some more ideas of changes to make, not the least with the shop which will be completely revamped to make ordering easier and my job - thank God - a lot easier. I also quite like the notion of making the band pages wiki's (something which anyone can update) so that users can share photos, opinions, rate releases, that kind of thing. Not sure how easy it would be to do, or how well it would be used, but I do like the word wiki. If anyone has any website ideas, or more examples of good words, please do share. I'm a HTMLing machine at the moment.

Here's a video of Copy Haho messing around in the studio whilst recording their EP, 'Bred For Skills And Magic'. As you can see, they're keeping busy...

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