Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Not the presidential election

Sorry for my recent blog-shy nature. It's nothing personal.

Right now I'm sitting here next to a heavily bearded Toby (ex-Meet Me In St Louis, current-Shield Your Eyes/Shoes And Socks Off), watching the US election drama, drinking homebrew pear cider and playing each other our favourite songs on Youtube. We've already watched this.

We've had a busy day of brainstorming and whatnot, but I'll leave Mr Hayes to tell you more about the fruits of our labour...

spent the day in oxford with neville. nice chap. been planning the shoes and socks off album. very exciting. must maintain the flippancy. there will be two versions of the record. the first one is acoustic, as the songs were written. recorded on the 24th september 2008 by stef from chicks on tap recordings whilst i was sitting on a chest of drawers in his bedroom. great. really great. it is called 'from the muddy banks of melitzer'. long live matt cargill. this will be out in december on the biggest and scariest of the monsters. i will be touring this for the first two weeks of december. dan from lebatol will be coming. he is a kool guy. lock up your sisters. then in march-ish we will release the next record. its the same songs, but not acoustic. they will be will be full-on orchestrations, drums, guitars, strings, mellotrons, programming and walk-on parts. many collaborations with some fine, fine people. rhys baker, who is known across the globe as 'the singer from our own devices' will also be held responsible for this full length, which will be titled'hand-reared suburban piglet'. shut up. around the same time, both CDs will be available as a double album. nev types so quickly. i like seagulls.

Yeah so that's your lot. Piss off. Here's an MP3 taken from 'From The Muddy Banks Of Melitzer'. It's called 'Epic Sweet Proportions'. Listen to it. We're not announcing this release for a week or two yet, you're only getting this cos I'm drunk.

I'm off. There's an election to watch.

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