Monday, 24 November 2008

New week - new start

I made 'the big computer move' over the weekend. It took ages to back up my files and literally hours to shift all of my emails across. Thousands of the buggers, mostly pointless now, but I'm a all about the nostalgia. So here I am, writing from the new machine. It's ok, doesn't quite feel like home yet though. My old computer is still sitting next to me, all quiet and alone, kinda dead looking. If computers had real emotions I thing a single tear would be running out of the CD drive and down the side of the tower right now.

Here's an amazing photo:


I watched a ridiculous amount of The Wire yesterday. Seriously ridiculous. Like, getting in the way of real life, ridiculous.

This week I need to step up the promotion for the Christmas Tour, get the slightly updated BSM shop online, send my next huge batch of mailorders, help the podcast guys put the next episode together and avoid having my face turned inside-out by Ricky Hatton. The last of these tasks should be the easiest. Sean at Drowned In Sound has asked if I'd like to write some sort of column for the website so need to have a think about that. Oh and I've got the new un-mastered Pulled Apart By Horses single recordings, so that should keep my ears satisfied for a day or two.

It's go time.

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