Thursday, 13 November 2008

Chest pains

What a day. Having a quick scan through my deleted items reveals that I've read and replied to well over 100 emails already today. My sent folder makes for even uglier reading. I'd been looking forward to the final 6 weeks of the year for ages with some sort of hopeful daydream of an empty release schedule and the longest Christmas holiday since Russell Brand bumped nasties with Manuel's grand-daughter and decided to brag about it on air. How wrong was I?

If I was a betting man (a classic phrase us sarcastic gamblers like to throw around) I'd say that this is the week I'm most likely to suffer a heart attack. Incase the above wasn't sufficient evidence to support my claim, here are three short case studies to back it up:

(a) Monday night Pulled Apart By Horses played a Levi's Ones To Watch show in London. With a guestlist as long as my arm, the only thing higher than my excitement level was the price of a round of East London ciders. My buzz was short-lived, however, when I spoke to the band at 8pm to find they were 40 miles outside of a traffic-heavy London, with a strict stage time of 9.15pm looming ever closer. Thankfully they eventually arrived with 5 minutes to spare, after their driver hit peak speeds of 120mph, and I bought myself two drinks and waited for some colour to come back to my cheeks. 3 days later I'm still waiting. Time to give up Kev, you're pale, deal with it.

(b) I've eaten 9 sausages in the past 24 hours. I don't know if there's a recommended daily allowance of pork products but I can't be far off.

(c) Earlier today I was being chased to pay an outstanding invoice for a recent record pressing. Most of the stock had gone straight to the band to sell at gigs and it was that cash which was to pay off said statement. So when I sent a quick text asking if we could sort it out today, what would you think is the worst possible response I could receive? How's this one for you: "what money?"

PS. This was my 300th post on Blog Scary Monsters! Hurrah! I'm off to celebrate with another 50 or so emails, a couple of sausages and an expected cardiac arrest.

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