Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Changing times

Yesterday afternoon I posed an important question on the Alcopop blog and asked where everyone thinks myself and Jack should head for our annual staff Christmas party. The only responses I've received thus far have been fairly disappointing so time to step up lads, lets show em how the BSM badboys roll! Have a read and share your ideas either in the comments or via email. Post em here if you'd rather. My Wire obsession is starting to make me view everything like an East vs West divide.

My workload has really shifted lately and I'm struggling to adapt. Gone are the days of posting hundreds of forthcoming release promo CDs and sitting here biting my nails hoping to hell that our records arrive on time to hit their release date. At this very moment we don't even have anyone touring the UK, with both Secondsmile and This Town Needs Guns doing their 'thang' in Europe, heck I almost feel lonely sitting here in my cold, little flat. The focus of the forthcoming weeks is on planning for next year as we look set to have what is shaping up to be our biggest year to date with the label. We've already told you there's not one but two Shoes And Socks Off albums coming. And a Copy Haho EP in February. And a Pulled Apart By Horses one sometime after that. Those few things alone should be enough to raise a smile but when I tell you we have another FOUR albums pencilled in to follow, well you should be up and dancing on the table, raising the roof like it's, well, 2009.

Here's a clip from my favourite episode of Booze Britain. Check out Roy The Tank's tumourous trouser area.

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