Thursday, 23 October 2008

TV remotes

Last night we put Rolo Tomassi on at The Regal in Oxford. It was a good turnout and a great night but I drank too many double vodkas and brandless energy drink resulting in a mostly sleepless night and a disturbing dream. The gist of it is that Pulled Apart By Horses played in my front room, on a stage made of scaffolding. Halfway through the last song the singer, Tom, piled my TV remotes on top of each other and then smashed them to pieces with his guitar. I woke up irate and worrying that I'd have to walk to the box to change the channels from now on. I think my anger was justified.

Watch this video. It's for a song called 'In The Ocean' which is the debut single from Stars And Sons, set for release via Alcopop on November 17th, and is possibly the best video of the year. True story.

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