Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Missing t-shirts!

Before today I've never had a problem with Parcelforce, but right now they're hogging the top spot in my top five pet peeves of the day list.

A box of t-shirts were sent to me via a 48 hour service on Wednesday 22nd October, therefore meaning they should've been sitting cosily in my flat by Friday 24th. (Well, they should've actually been here a week earlier, but I won't get into the infuriating t-shirt printers mishap story right now). I've tracked them online and can see the package was collected from Killigrew Street post office at 17.11 on the 22nd, before promptly disappearing off the system. No mention of depots, failed deliveries or even a well-dressed driver wearing 30 BSM shirts. Nothing.

I call the customer service "helpline" and am pleased to hear the following message: "Voice recognition means you can talk to me in your own voice" proudly boasts the robot lady, everyone loves an incompetent phone system when they're wound up. "Is that the correct tracking number?" she repeats, cleverly clocking up the phone bill pennies as another minute passes. "Yes" Long pause. "I'm sorry. You simply need to answer yes or no" - she's starting to bug me. "YES!!! Y, E, S!" Another long pause. "Your parcel was collected from Kill-i-g-rew Street" on..." too late, I've hung up, I already know how that one ends. A second phonecall and this time I somehow manage to bypass iRobot and speak to a real human being. Not that she was any more useful. "hmm, not sure what's happened there, it's very funny isn't it?"

"Funny is not the word I would use, lady. Can I speak to the robot again?"

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