Monday, 6 October 2008

Manchester, here I come

This is potentially my last blog until Thursday. Don't worry, you'll cope. Here are some quick points for you to take in once you've dried your eyes:

Mimas brilliant album, 'The Worries', is out today. Check out the new issue of Rock Sound magazine, out this week, for a nice little review and a small feature on the lovely Danes.

Also out today (digitally, at least) is This Town Needs Guns debut album, 'Animals'. Get it from iTunes, emusic, 7digital or wherever your shopping preference may lie. The CD is out one week today and pre-orders will be shipped when I return home.

As mentioned on the news page, Pulled Apart By Horses single, 'Meat Balloon', can now be pre-ordered along with some very fetching t-shirts. Check out the shop for those. The 7" will be in real shops from 27th October.

That's the news out of the way, here are some videos to enjoy until I return. If you watch them all roughly a thousand times each it should fill the time perfectly. Bye.

Japanese Binocular Soccer

Weng Weng

Postman Pat

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