Thursday, 2 October 2008

The longest day

Yesterday has kinda merged into today thanks to a second pretty much sleepless night in a row. It started at the crack of 8am. 3 hours work, 11 o clock bus to London, a few phone calls, Pulled Apart By Horses Radio One session, a meeting in the BBC canteen, off to The Social to hang out with Tubelord, hear some horrific tour stories, see Kate Nash and Ryan Jarman from The Cribs having a little squabble, run down Oxford Street, bus home, straight to The Regal for This City live at You! Me! Dancing!, drink a bottle of vodka, go home, fail to sleep, up again, head banging, ears ringing, spinning out.

Here's a photo of PABH recording at Maida Vale. The session sounded phat with a ph as demonstrated. It should be aired in about 3 weeks time.

I've been to the BBC studios 4 times now and still feel like a tourist. It's as though I'm in New York snapping away at road signs and marvelling at the pizza whilst the locals bustle around me trying to get on with their days. I guess when it no longer excites me I should probably think about a career change?

Remember how all 500 of Tubelord's new single sleeves are individually hand made? You know, like these...

Well they made one especially for me. Check out this bad boy:

Jealous? Damn right you are!

Notice the blank Blog Scary Monsters page on the screen in the background? Trippy.

I'm now going to force myself to do as much work as possible over the next 12 hours until I have my next battle with insomnia. I'm 0 from 2 over the last two nights, need to stop this one becoming a drubbing and get some sanity back.

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