Friday, 3 October 2008

Keane - not the band

I really needed yesterday to be a write-off. A crushing hangover was nagging at me but with lots of work on, plus Ivano and Tom arriving at 10am, I had to haul my sorry arse out of bed and plug away. Thankfully I managed to scrape by, mostly thanks to one man who I'll be writing all about very soon. Here's a teaser:

Obviously there are lots of questions now flying around your head.

Was the guy in the black t-shirt just cast to swear profusely?

Why does Tony Adams make a silent, and seemingly pointless, cameo?

What's with the ridiculous music?

Isn't Keane the bad boy turned good character of Wayne from Grange Hill?

I wonder what he's doing these days...?

Answers are: Because he's brilliant, because's it's brilliant, you haven't heard anything yet, yes indeed and come back next week.

Oh the intrigue.

In slightly more BSM related news, we've just uploaded a nice little Pulled Apart By Horses MP3 collection available to download for free from the BSM Friend of The Family website. It's a handy zip file which contains three demo tracks, a clip of the forthcoming single, 'Meat Balloon' and some graphics. Go get it.

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