Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Hangovers and the Hilton

Last night Pulled Apart By Horses (check out the lovely single review in this weeks NME!) played a storming show at the Buffalo Bar in London. Grabbing the crowd by the balls and tearing each one of us into shreds the band showed exactly why they're quickly earning a reputation as one of the UK's best live bands.

This morning my sleep depraved, alcohol-ravaged body hangs limply in my chair as I stare with bloodshot eyes at my somewhat daunting 'to do' list. Maybe drinking all of that vodka and Sprite in the snow wasn't such a good plan? Perhaps the shot of sambuca was one step too far? It certainly couldn't have been the overpriced tiny bottles of Magners in the Hilton bar at 2am that has made my head feel like it's turning itself inside-out.

Tonight PABH hit Oxford so the madness starts all over again. Joyous. Three cheers for paracetamol!

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