Friday, 10 October 2008


You wouldn't belive how many envelopes I've addressed so far today. Seriously, you wouldn't. Have a guess, I bet you're wrong!

As I've just "twittered," I've been listening to the new Weezer album a lot lately. I started wondering the other day if they'll make another coloured album before they retire. We've had blue, green and red, pink too, if you want to be all tenuous and include Pinkerton. What's left? The Yellow Album? Maybe a best of entitled Colours? That would work. I'd love to curate that album. Imagine the job of laying around with a pile of Weezer albums listening to them again and again until you've whittled it down to just 15 or so absolutely incredible songs. That's a role I could handle. Maybe I should tidy up my CV and email it to Rivers now, I'm definitely the man for this job.

Time to address some more envelopes. Good times. Blakfish and Shapes tonight, Jonquil and This Town Needs Guns (plus three house parties) tomorrow, Maps and Atlases and Colour Monday, Maps and Atlases and TTNG Tuesday, DJing nu-metal hits to loads of indie kids post-British Sea Power Wednesday, what a week!

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