Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The calm after the storm

So after the drama of yesterday (see below - I'm still a little put out by the fact that every other house on the street was evacuated!) and the sickening yet somewhat powerful Lemsip starting to win the battle against my nose, today has been a comparative walk in the park. I finished my Pulled Apart By Horses CD burning mission with just minutes to spare, an achievement I celebrated with sausages. I've finally got around to promoting our Autumn collection digital sampler and I've sat back and realised that This Town Needs Guns first slightly negative review from Drowned In Sound has probably done more good than all of their previous 9/10's (check the impressive list of responses). Right now I'm letting the shuffle function on iTunes guide my mood.

Finch - 'Without Your Here' (taken from the album 'What It Is To Burn')

As I mentioned above, the Autumn Collection sampler is now available to download for free. It features MP3s from all of our Autumnees, This Town Needs Guns, Tubelord, Mimas and Pulled Apart By Horses, as well as one of my favourite new bands, a little known act from Indiana going by the name of Native. If you've ever read this blog before you're probably already sick to death of reading about them.

Further Seems Forever - ('Pictures Of Shorelines' taken from the album 'The Moon Is Down')

Chances are we won't post a Winter digital sampler as I'm hoping and praying to the fiscal Gods that we can put that one out on CD. It's been a while since we last put together a proper, length sampler and there's so much music I want to share with you all. It'll be business as usual in Spring 2009, however, with another digital sampler coming your way.

Itch - 'Do You Know What Fear Is?' (taken from the (BSM released!) album 'Well, Well, Well, Three Holes In The Ground')

It doesn't actually take me the whole length of a song to write one short paragraph by the way, I'm multitasking here and trying to reply to emails at the same time.

Andrew WK - 'Tear It Up' (taken from the album 'The Wolf')

Lemsip's getting cold. Who'd have thought it could actually get more repulsive?

The Get Up Kids - 'Is There A Way Out?' (taken from the album 'Live At The Granada Theatre')


In An Emergency Dial: Sunny said...

This might seem rank, but I must be the only person who doesn't actually mind the perculiar taste of a harsh Lemsip...

Kev said...

I'm pretty sure you are the only person! Accidently tried the lemon and menthol Lemsip this week... Won't be making that mistake again!