Thursday, 9 October 2008

At least in Heaven I can skate

Where to start? Where. To. Start?

As mentioned below I was away for a few days at the annual In The City event up in Manchester. Always good fun, it's a couple of days of running between venues, piling as much booze down your neck as possible and bumping into people you normally try to avoid in London. With a couple of hundred bands playing I'm a little disappointed to admit I only really saw ones I'm already working with, ones I've seen a number of times before, and a couple of completely terrible new ones. I'm sure the lineup had more to offer than that, really. I'm just a music snob.

Unfortunately some lowlife stole Blakfish's equipment on Sunday. After playing a triumphant and typically loud set at the Hockley Hustle in Nottingham, some dicks broke into the bands car and half-inched an amp, a couple of guitars and a bagful of pedals. The band have put the details up on their Myspace blog so have a read and get in touch if you think you might know anything. They're also asking for donations to help ease the pain and allow them to buy new equipment. The guys are off to record their debut album in January and this is going to wipe out everything they've saved thus far, which is a real kick in the teeth. You could go and see them on tour this week with Shapes (who are brilliant, by the way) and buy a t-shirt. That would help them and make you look cool at the same time.

This weeks NME is a rollercoaster of emotions. Starting with the massive high of the full page Tubelord Radar feature (ahem, "the 'Lord rose with the help of Big Scary Monsters, perhaps the finest DIY label operating in the UK today") to the low of the mis-informed This Town Needs Guns album review, which somehow manages to drop the name Snow Patrol. That's right, SNOW PATROL! Lets focus on the positives here:

On Saturday 18th October we're putting on a 'BSM Recommends' night at the Notting Hill Arts Club in London. As part of their regular Rota slot, the show will be free entry and take place between 4pm and 8pm. We've booked three of our favourite unsigned bands, Shield Your Eyes (featuring Toby ex-MMISL who'll be celebrating his 27th birthday that day), Calories and TheJamesCleaverQuintet and will be bookending them with quality DJing. Come down.

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