Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tubelord guest blog

During their month-long tour with rowdy Brummies Blakfish, I asked Tubelord if they could write a little guest entry for Blog Scary Monsters. What came back was nonsense. An insight into the minds of a hard-working band away from home comforts for weeks on end, perhaps? Or maybe just a bunch of guys sick of the smell of farts in the back of a van?

Deal With It.

Wake up at half 2 in the afteernoon.
Consume a cooked car-bah-licous dinner for breakfast.
Probably…curry…or pasta.
Today…is a day.

Deal With It.


This trumpet sounds like a smashed tree.
I and several others have been living outside of reality for a little teeny bit of time. We left society with it's hours of wage and disgruntled opinions on the 21st of July. It may have been a Wednesday, the 21st probably wasn't though.

This is a blog. You are reading it because you either feel you have some sort of respected affiliation with the record label Big Scary Monsters or one of the bands on their roster. We are (at this point of time) one of their bands on the roster.
Everything is starting to lose meaning.

But you know, meaning isn't everything.

So lets get on with it.
The days are repetitive. As is every day………….ever. It's the interactions that effect any sort of difference between this day and the last. Luckily every one of our repetitive days are filled with new people, who may or may not be a fresh perspective but are still playing a part in creating a new scenario for us all.

We bring in all of our gear from the van*, sound-check or just ask each other the same question before someone forms an answer. The gig begins. It is over. There seems to be a party opportunity every night. Drink. Smoke. Crash. Die. Wake Up.

I love being on tour, and would happily carry on right through the year.
But the vacuum of life within this un-reality has almost sucked out all of these unique experiences. Sometime next week we will all return to real life. Every day will involve the same repetitive patterns of action and rules, but this time the scenario will not change and new people will only exist at the weekend.

…Or…I might head back to University again instead. J

Listen to 'I Am Azerrad' and the other songs available soon. If you want, make your own shirts instead of buying them. Visit our friends who also make music and create fantastic imagery using cameras and hands. Keep waking up. Keep sucking it all in, it's just a charade anyway.
Deal With It.

Keep it cotton.

*the van's name is 'Father', and windscreen wipers are broke and work by the use of an enthralling jigsaw of string-pullys being pulled by either side of the van by one of us. The sliding side door is locked in place. I can't get out.

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