Friday, 5 September 2008


My ears are ringing like sirens today. Mimas played at The Cellar in Oxford last night. I got drunk and stood too close to the PA system. Idiot. Although it was probably worth it really as they were on top form once again. I really can't urge you enough to go and see these guys play whilst they're here. They'll be back in early 2009 but that's way too far away.

Whilst writing the above paragraph I just received an email from This Town Needs Guns, forwarding on a message from the promoter of their show at The Square in Harlow tomorrow night. It read: "Think its gunna be quite busy. Although we recieved a complaint, as have the venue. Apparently locals saw the show advertised in the paper and are objecting to the promotion of guns, especially at a time when its becoming more predominant. Even had the police call up, and The Star might be running a feature" - Big trouble in little Harlow! Get down there and check out the riots.

Just found a new one man electronica band named after the Meet Me In St Louis song, 'The Kid Who Had His Ear Slapped By A Druggist'. Sound pretty cool actually. Kinda like an instrumental Postal Service. Have a listen.

Speaking of MMISL, Toby has sent me the new album from his current band, Shield Your Eyes. Produced by Tim from Part Chimp, it sounds awesome but I've voted it "The Worst Possible Thing To Listen To When You're THIS Hungover." That definitely isn't a reflection of the music, just the condition of my aching head which I've tried to demonstrate through the exaggerated use of bold, italic, capital letters. If I could've drawn a small tear running down the side of the T and a huge drill pounding its way through the S it may have helped that little bit more.

Am I the last person in the world to have discovered the overdubbed G.I. Joe cartoons on Youtube? Take a coffee break and watch:

Porkchop Sandwiches




PS. I told you that spider (below) was a giant. I don't thnk the photo demonstrates just how much my hand was shaking right then!

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Snævar said...

Get of my fuckin lawn you little wankers!

I manhandle spiders Kev, and you know it.

Sorry for the tinnitus.