Wednesday, 3 September 2008

This Town Needs air con

We sweated buckets last night, super-huge buckets. This Town Needs Guns, Pennines, Mimas and Colour filled, entertained and eventually destroyed the Camden Barfly as the well over sold out crowd crammed inside the four walls felt their sweat glands kick into overdrive. Walking out into the cold September night straight after was a shock to the system to say the least.

Ultra-busy today. Pulled Apart By Horses single mixes have just come in and sound amazing, TTNG and Mimas album press is starting to take off, Secondsmile are busy booking loads of shows and I'm catching up with Tubelord and Blakfish as they continue their assault on the UK's underground, including a small Polish bar in Derby last night. That tour feels like it's been running for years now, still over a week to go. Madness.

Here's the new This Town Needs Guns video for 'Panda', my favourite track from the new album. Don't tell me this chorus isn't an absolute blinder:

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