Monday, 29 September 2008

Reformed Bizkit

So did I tell you that the Limp Bizkit reformation was all my fault? Two weeks ago I buy their Greatest Hitz DVD from, 7 days later they're back together.

"Fred? It's That's right, we've sold one, I told you the fanbase was still there. I'll call Wez, you ring Lethal"

We have Alcopop's finest, This City, playing at our new weekly indie night (You! Me! Dancing!) at The Regal in Oxford this Wednesday. Anyone who came last week can probably still taste free tequila in the back of their throats and probably threw down to emo hit after emo hit on the dancefloor until the very early hours. If you fancy more of the same, you know where to find us.

It's just coming up to 11pm and I'm knackered. It's been a long day of emailing, stamp licking and creative thinking so I'm going to retire now for some US Office action.

Look out for a Pulled Apart By Horses guest blog entry tomorrow, along with some free music and maybe a single pre-order. If you're lucky.


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