Friday, 19 September 2008

Party hard

It's podcasting time! Episode 8 of the Big Scary Podcast is now up online via the Multimedia page of and of course iTunes. This one was recorded down a little side street near the Barfly in Camden - as ever, no expense spared - and features interviews with This Town Needs Guns ("I was vommiting into my eyes") and Mimas ("We're kinda hoping to battle with Hercules") as well as music from them both alongside tracks from Tubelord, Meet Me In St Louis, Secondsmile, Pulled Apart By Horses and the demo of the month from Calories. It's the usual 40 minutes of thrills, spills and awesome music so you should download it, like, right now!

Thanks to everyone who has entered our Friend of The Family competition thus far. Keep em coming. The deadline is about 10 days away.

Tomorrow myself and Gemma are off to London... for lunch... in a hotel... with Andrew WK. Just another normal Saturday really. Anyone going to see him live at the LA2 that night? Should be rocking!

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