Thursday, 18 September 2008


Last night Huw Stephens played Pulled Apart By Horses, Tubelord and the sister label Alcopop duo of This City and Sam Isaac on Radio One. That was very friendly of him. An awesome foursome.

This morning I've signed up to Twitter. Not sure I 'get it' just yet but we'll see. Gmail tells me I have 3113 contacts, but when I try to import them into Twitter it says I have none. Weird. So as it stands I have a fairly lonely 7 friends. If you have an account, follow me

In other friend related news, I've updated the BSM Friend Of The Family website. Very much overdue, you'll now find a competition to win copies of the new albums from This Town Needs Guns and Mimas, along with the new 7" from Tubelord, before any of them hit the shops! Wooh. Lemon squeezy question, check it out at - you'll need to register if you haven't already done so, but that's literally the easiest thing you'll do all day. There are a couple of new and exclusive offers on there too. Money saving deals, vital if you want to keep your music collection tip top during this difficult fiscal period, which non-members simply don't get. We're good to our mates.

Here's an MP3 of 'Friends Forever' by Chariots. Taken from their brilliant album 'Daybreak' which was released via BSM about 3 years ago now. An oldie but a goodie. Download.

Seeya pals

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