Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Last night I got accidently drunk. It was brilliant, I haven't done that for ages. Paul, manager of the Sam's, Get Cape and Isaac, rang to say he was in Oxford for the night. Myself and Gem popped out for one (non-alcoholic beverage) but all of a sudden it's 4am and I'm struggling to remember what day it is. Somewhere along the way we entered into a "who's manner" competition with a barmaid asked to judge. After a long hard look at the two of us, and a series of quickfire questions about shelving and other macho activities, she still can't decide. Says a lot for the two of us, possibly more so me considering Paul's homosexuality. For a few secpnds I entertain the idea of going home to work out, eat meat, fart and watch loads of porn, but I end up just taking another sip on my medium dry white wine and realise there isn't really any point fighting it.

Sean Keaveny played Tubelord on his 6 Music breakfast show today. Wooh! TUBELORD! TUBELORD!

Tonight we're off to London again, pretty much the exact same area as Saturday, actually. Part of me says this is a bad idea, the other part says that lightning never strikes twice and this will be the incredible night to balance out the previous terrible one. If we make it in time I'm confident it will be the latter, with Jonquil, This Town Needs Guns and Three Trapped Tigers all playing the music will certainly be up to scratch, at least. Kerrang are coming down to review TTNG. Look out for that one in a couple of weeks.

Also, look out for Mimas video, coming very soon. Like, today or tomorrow soon...

PS. This is the 250th post on Blog Scary Monsters. I'm going to celebrate with my fellow men

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