Monday, 22 September 2008

Lets go on a date

What a huge day Saturday was. 14 hours in London is not something I like to do in a month let alone a day, but this was fun. We hit Marylebone for a curry with Andrew WK (who told us about peppers that make you hallucinate, his love of Nathan Barley and that he chose to eat vindaloo because it feels like a party in his mouth), a relaxing break with Ivano and Chloe in Clapham, drinks with Sam Get Cape in Bow and then to the LA2 to see Mr AWK live. The party anthems, energy, wide-eyed excited looks of the crowd and the inexplicably stupid bouncer who just couldn't understand how so many people managed to get past him to stage dive as he hung out flirting with young girls made it a night never to forget. Jack Alcopop lost his mind and sweated more than a human being should be physically capable of. Basically, it was a monster of a day with a perfect ending. Sunday, obviously, was a complete write-off.

"I think that took, Andrew, I'm sure I heard it click"

"Bugger! ok, try again..."

"...I don't think it's working, are you sure you're pressing the right..."

"Damnit I closed my eyes! Oh that'll do"

Coming this week on Blog Scary Monsters:

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Tubelord and Pulled Apart By Horses (slightly mad) guest blog entries.

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News and photos from the You! Me! Dancing! club night launch in Oxford.

Lots of grammatically challenged waffling.

And more photos of dogs dressed as humans

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