Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Happy MMISL day!

What a giant man of a day today is. 24th September 2008 is not only Gemma's birthday (happy birthday, love!), the day we launch our new club night (You! Me! Dancing!) in Oxford, but it's also the first ever Meet Me In St Louis Day! Ivano's here at BSM HQ until 6pm tonight, during which time we'll be pumping 'Variations On Swing' out at neighbour-scaring volume, reminiscing about the good times, playing catchup with emails and maybe baking a cake. Who knows.

Have you ever attempted to create a bank holiday before? It's hard work. On one side you have the believers. Those who are into the cause and willing to give their time and effort to spreading the word. On the other you have the doubters. The difficult few who disagree with the opinion that bank holidays are dull, or, and these are the worst kind, don't appreciate MMISL. I know, I know, dickheads. Still, I'm going to continue with my mission and by 2020 MMISL day will be a worldwide event. There'll be a fair in Guildford which people from every corner of the earth will travel to. Everyone will grow giant beards and wear tiny shorts. People will speak only by quoting lyrics and a race will begin: first one to St Louis wins. Truth is, everyone's a winner. That's what MMISL day is all about. It's about winners.

Support the cause, watch some videos, listen to the album, buy a t-shirt and pay your respects.

Happy MMISL day!

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