Thursday, 11 September 2008

Good day

A small number of things have made today a winner. England, to my happy surprise, beat Croatia 4-1 in probably their best performance for quite some time. This shouldn't have an effect on my life, but it does, I can't lie. To make it better I bet on 8 matches tonight, 5 of which have gone my way and the final 3 are all due to kick off in the next hour, meaning that by the time I wake up tomorrow I'll hopefully (assuming there are no freak upsets - which is a BIG assumption when it comes to some of these sides!) be a few pounds richer. In the non-sporting world: I got lots of bits and pieces of work done today, including a few little loose ends which I'd been putting off for a while. The to do list always looks nicer with lots of lines drawn through it. The highlight of the day, however, is indisputable. You know those brilliant moments when you put you find a fiver in an old pair of jeans? Well this afternoon I opened an old bag, attempting to find an empty video cassette case, and out fell seventy mother flippin' quid! 71! I got excited and instantly blew a good third of that at the post office. Easy come easy go. Stupid Royal Mail.

Right now it's just gone midnight, I'm eating egg muffins, watching NFL (Tom Brady, the Patriot's starting quarterback is out for the year - check me out! I'll figure this game out yet) and setting up a Facebook event invite for This Town Needs Guns upcoming tour. Check it out here and add yourself to it.

Speaking of Facebook, we've just crossed the 1000 members mark of the BSM group! I'm a big fan of milestones and this is a good 'un. If you're not yet a member, get on it.

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