Friday, 19 September 2008

Dwarves and orphans

First it was "mean pirate dwarf" now it's "harmess Dickensian orphan" I'm starting to get the impression that the press just don't like the way Blakfish look!

Earlier on I saw a man drive a tall van under a short overhanging shopfront. It was brilliant. All sorts of carnage, rubble and swearing. Certainly livened up my otherwise boring stroll to the post office.

Kind friends who work for fellow record labels filled my pockets with new CDs the other night. Right now I'm listening to the new TV On The Radio record and have Bon Iver and Senses Fail albums to follow. It's a fairly eclectic bunch, it must be said. Free things from labels you like is definitely one of the perks of this job. Sometimes it nearly balances out the stress.

Just confirmed a Radio One session for Pulled Apart By Horses. It'll be recorded on October 1st and played on air sometime afterwards. Inbetween getting lost in the maze of corridoors and working my way through the BBC canteen menu I'm going to film a bit of the recording for lovely lovely Youtube. Will post it here when it's up online. Check back next week for a guest blog entry from PABH and news of a special giveaway on the Friend of The Family website.

Off to London in the morning for a very long day of partying. Life's a bitch sometimes.

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