Monday, 29 September 2008


Last night I had a series of strange dreams. One involved a Freddy Kruger-esque situation with me being chased by a bunch of axe-wielding masked maniacs, another saw myself and Gemma hop on an impromptu flight to Australia (like you do) where we stumbled across an amazing street party and the other was the standard 'to do list' dream. That's probably the worst of the lot. Your mind just ticks over things which you need to do in the morning, again and again and again and again, until you realise you've been laying there in some sort of half awake, half asleep state, staring at the ceiling and incapable of other thoughts for around two hours. Dreams like this scare you out of bed early but due to the lack of sleep you've received, much of the day is spent staring into space trying to find the energy to move. It's a vicious cycle, and one which will be repeating on me for the next 12 or so hours.

Tubelord's new single 'I Am Azerrad' is released today! If you want one of the 500, lovingly hand drawn and packaged records you should probably head straight down to the shop today as I don't really expect these to be around for long.

This Town Needs Guns popped home last night, having finished up their tour with Jonquil and now ready to brave the big wide world on their own. The dates up until now have been brilliant from all accounts and there are some awesome shows coming up so keep an eye on their Myspace for the details.

I'm busy booking the BSM Christmas tour at the moment. This years will be bigger, better and more exciting than ever before. You'll see.

Time to stop stalling with my blog and do some proper work. If only I could wake up first. I guess I should just be happy the masked men have left me alone, but what I'd do to be in Australia right now!

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