Friday, 26 September 2008

Crunched credit

The problem with inventing a bank holiday with less than 24 hours notice (on top of the whole 'persuading people to join your ridiculous demi-cult' thing) is that sometimes you don't have time to tell everyone involved. An example: I sent Toby, ex-Meet Me In St Louis singer, an email about MMISL day at roughly 5pm on MMISL eve. He didn't see that until 2pm on Boxing MMISL. A day 1/5 dedicate to him and he missed it. That kinda shit doesn't happen every week you know? It's not something you want to miss out on. But do you know why he missed it? Because he was holed up in his bedroom recording a solo acoustic album. How perfect is that? Even better is that the album is brilliant - imagine Rocky Votolato covering St Louis tracks - and with the raw, sometimes fuzzy recording you can literally picture the man sitting there on his bed, pouring his hairy little heart out into a tape recorder. MMISL day just gets better. Next year we'll have fireworks.

Have you heard the one about four music industry professionals (one major label artist, one major label A&R man, one independent record label owner and one nationwide ticket agency manager) who between them could only scrape together £9.60 in small coins to purchase a carry out from a bar, resulting in two Smirnoff Ice's and two Magners, all in plastic bottles? Glamorous.

Just another high point in a year of financial discomfort. My credit has been crunched.

My computer has learnt a new trick. Long time readers may remember my angry rant about the small and unhappy collection of viruses I seem to have collected over the years, which have nestled themselves in the machine and have taken control of certain operations. Sometimes I can't send emails, sometimes web pages won't open, every now and again programmes vanish from existence, about once a day the speakers stop working and roughly 3 times a day I have to restart the beast just to get the wheels back in motion. Well as of last week its taught itself to switch off at will. Just like that. Gone. And somehow it always knows when I get to the point where I least want it to happen. When I'm 1000 words into an un-saved Word document, whilst I'm reading something important, those kind of times. I now find myself living on the edge, constantly expecting the blank screen. I even have a small area cleared on my desk, just to the right of my mouse, which I've named the punching block. This is where my fist slams when the inevitable happens. It won't be long now.

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My computer has a twin!

... Maybe they get together late at night to swap viruses ... I'm onto them.