Thursday, 25 September 2008

Boxing MMISL

Thanks to everyone who took part in the MMISL Day festivities yesterday. It was so nice to go onto Facebook and see so many people spreading the word and getting into the spirit of things. The messages posted here also warm my hungover little heart.

We launched our new - and already Oxford's finest - club night, You! Me! Dancing! yesterday. It was brilliant. Brutal and brilliant. The promise of indie hits was lost in a sea of emo classics which saw the dancefloor pumping, drinks flying and lesbians kissing everywhere you looked. The kind people at The Regal allowed us to give everyone a free shot of tequilla upon entry, which is probably the finest way you could ever hope to start a night out and we're really looking forward to getting the party started again next Wednesday. Check out the lineup of amazing live bands (and I don't just say that because a lot of them are BSM affiliates!) and info on Facebook. FYI: Members of the group will be sent vouchers for cheap entry and free drinks.

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