Wednesday, 10 September 2008

And I'm about to break

My dear blog, I feel like I've deserted you over the past few days. I let myself get distracted by the frenzied excitement of Limp Bizkit's 'Greatest Hitz' and forgot the one thing that really matters:


Ok ok, I'm back.

The last few days have been mental and even with venting my frustrations via the medium nu-metal it's been an uphill battle to keep things ticking over as they should. I've read so many contracts it is agreed by the undersigned, and witnessed hereupon by, my subconscious is starting to talk like a lawyer within the territory, as set out in clause 2.1.1.a. Nothing makes sense anymore. I've also become a walking directory of delivery dates, addresses and tracking numbers. With This Town Needs Guns album, Tubelord's single and Sam Isaac's EP (released on Alcopop) all due to arrive next Wednesday it's fair to assume I'll be listening to a lot of Spineshank that day. Hell, it's better than the passive aggression shouting at the neighbours thing, even if they will insist on playing loud - and terrible - trance music all day. Do they not realise they live next door to a busy independent record label? No? Weird.

Mimas are currently having a ball touring the UK and will be coming along to the Tubelord, Blakfish and Secondsmile gig at The Metro in London on Saturday for a night of debauched fun before heading back to Denmark on Sunday afternoon. So if you're around, come down, have a drink, dance and wave goodbye.

'Animals' by This Town Needs Guns will be on sale via from Saturday AND available to buy at shows from Thursday onwards. Unfortunately this means that anyone attending the London and Birmingham dates with Jonquil will miss out. Sorry about that. We tried. There's always next time.

We've agreed two new releases in the last couple of weeks. Both are due out in Q1 2009 and neither will be announced for a few weeks yet I'm afraid. Gutted for you.

I'm trying to get into American Football at the moment. I'd forgotten how difficult it is to learn something so big. My new-found passion for the sport has stemmed from watching the Giants win the Superbowl semi-final in New York last year, seeing the final on TV and then becoming obsessed with Friday Night Lights, a US drama about a Texas high school team. Compelling stuff, I fully recommend it. Anyway, a couple of nights ago I stayed up, cooked some 2am beans on toast and settled down to watch a couple of live games on Sky. Some problems soon set in:

1) I don't know any of the players
2) I only know about 3 teams
3) All talk of "plays" is completely lost on me
4) I don't know the scoring system
5) I don't understand the rules

I've got a long way to go. The only thing I do know is this guy is fast as funk:

Read this: How to entertain small children via the medium of self-mutilation. Why has nobody given this title to a crushing metal album yet? Tomorrows lesson: How to find money behind tiny ears

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