Monday, 4 August 2008


I'm really struggling today. I've started about 30 jobs since getting up at 9am but am yet to complete a single one. I thought about unpacking some of the many boxes filling the flat. Couldn't be bothered. Started cutting my hair, got bored, looks idiotically lopsided now. Should correct that. Haven't. Thought about getting on with burning a few promo CDs. Spent two minutes looking through boxes for the wire needed to plug the machine in, got tired, went to Tesco to buy some food. Half-way round the shop decided I'd had enough and left. I think you get the picture, it's been an uninspired 8 or so hours, that's for sure. Right now I'm trying to write the press release for the upcoming This Town Needs Guns album but am really struggling. Lots of words and sentiment bubbling around my mind but seemingly no way to get them out and ordered on the page. Time to give up I think. Blog Scary Monsters won't judge me for my lack of commitment, he always has my back.

Blakfish's new mini-album 'See You In Another City' is out today, I hope that my inbox is quiet because you're all out frantically buying it from any shop still daring to hold onto stock. The guys begin their 29 date(!) tour with Tubelord this week (dates up at I'm opening a sweep on how many arrests are made, how many memories are wiped and how many unsuspecting punters will have their arses rocked off. Place your bets now, ladies and gentlemen.

I have an ulcer the size of Manhattan and it's giving me an incredible amount of jipp. You forget how annoying they are until you get a new one.

Check out page 14 of this weeks Kerrang (with Scars On Broadway on the cover) for a nice full page feature on Secondsmile! Now there's a bunch of friendly faces you could take home to your mum.

I said it last week but I'm going to say it again: Do yourself a favour and listen to Native. Anyone who's into the late Meet Me In St Louis, Dananananaykroyd or Foals will be all over this.


James said...

Does this mean you will start sending out orders?

simon said...

funny you should mention about native, i put a couple of their tracks on a mix i did for james tomassi last month.

good stuff.