Thursday, 14 August 2008


It's been a while since I last made some musical recommendations for y'all to lap up like cats around the proverbial milk. Or vaguely peruse like dis-interested casual readers bored at work. Choose whichever category you think you best fit into. Here are the bands rocking my world this week:

I know absolutely nothing about this band except that they're booked by an agency who have just taken Blakfish on in France and they sound a lot like someone I know and like, I just can't figure out who. If you know, please tell me. It's annoying.

These will be the next band to rise from the MMISL/Tubelord/Blakfish/Colour gang I think. Awesome hardcore with real nice melodic moments and some well-timed vocals. I've been told good things about the live show too, but am yet to check them out myself. Note to self: Correct this.

Pulled Apart By Horses
I think I've possibly written about these guys before. They're a bunch of rock n roll loving macho men from Leeds. Another one I need to see live but from what I've heard their shows feature gymnasts, naked men and brutal dancers! Note to self: Never be any of those things in public.

I won't even bother mentioning Native. I think everyone knows my feelings on that one.

Add yourself to this. Anyone clicks 'maybe', they get a punch from this lad:

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