Thursday, 21 August 2008

Reading festival

I'm off to Reading festival tomorrow morning. From the age of 17 I've been every year, opting to camp for 4 (and in some madcap cases, 5) nights in huddled circles of friends. Cans of sausages and beans, crouching over horrid toilets, freezing nights, idiots recreating the Jackass highlights reel, 4am shouts of "bollocks", guys in dresses, girls in over their heads, festival camping is an essential part of any music loving youths upbringing. Well good news folks, I'm all grown up.

With the camping curiosity bugged safely ticked off my list, one day is the only way from here on and as such I'll be back home and tucked safely up in my bed by the early hours of the morning. A million miles from the adolescent plastic fires of yesteryear.

For anyone else in attendance this weekend: Get Cape Wear Cape Fly on the main stage at 12.45pm and Pulled Apart By Horses on the BBC Introducing Stage at 3.30pm is all you need to know. See you down the front.

Yours, in growing old gracefully.


Anonymous said...

Just remember to give our CD to Rage against the machine, for Gods sake!!


Mimas said...

And metallica!