Friday, 8 August 2008

My God It's Good To See You

Today's the big day. Fingers, toes and noughts crossed, broadband should be back. This is of course all based upon the pointlessly optimistic hope that BT don't mess anything up.

I'm screwed.

Took the afternoon off yesterday to listen to nu-metal and watch football DVDs in preparation for the new season. Hits included 'God Is My Weapon' by Otep, '1845' by One Minute Silence, 'Downfall' by Trust Company, 'Fiveisafourletterword' by the Lostprophets, 'Again And Again' by Taproot, 250 Great Premiership Goals, England's Road To Germany and All The Goals Of World Cup 98. By 4pm I was drunk, by 4am I was toast. No time for a hangover though, I've got records to sell.

Currently listening to Tera Melos

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another day another dollar