Monday, 18 August 2008

Every place is a house

Yesterday I went to IKEA. Brilliant, if you're into all of that over-crowded, identikit house madness. Which I'm not, so it wasn't great, but our flat is now looking pretty swish with a 2m long desk running down the side wall, topped by two computers, a couple of printers and a number of speakers.

Are you on Facebook? Of course you are, isn't one in ever seven on there these days? I've just added this little widget to my account and I was wondering if any of you might like to join me? It's the Blog Scary Monsters network and, much like everything on that website, has no real use and will not benefit your life in any way. The only slight perk is that it'll serve to satisfy my curiosity, at least until the next pointless widget crops up.

Widget is a ridiculous word.On Friday we welcomed a new face to the team. A nice lad called Tom came down from High Wycombe for the afternoon to lend myself and Ivano a hand with cutting, folding and sticking 6 Machine sleeves, and join us in eating jam doughnuts and listening to massive tunes. Much to our delight we realised that Tom is a (stanley knifed, free-hand!) perfect circle cutting marvel and his job description was amended accordingly. This Friday his responsibilities will shift to Reading festival where he'll be helping me out with flyering during a couple of bands sets, hopefully not in the rain. Who knows what incredible tasks will crop up the week after? I'm sure Tom can hardly control his excitement. Running a record label isn't always about finding bands and writing pointless blogs, but maybe I'll get him to write a little guest entry to say hi. That's more of a 6-months-in task though, there's plenty more tedious work to get through first.

I fancy some toast, where's Tom when he's needed?!


Gemma said...

"Yesterday I went to IKEA" i think you will find that we went to IKEA.... I drove us there!! ha ha ha did you forget that part!! xx

Kev said...

oops, sorry! I got the bit about our flat right though! That's a start

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