Friday, 29 August 2008


Where did all the The's go? It wasn't all that long ago that everywhere you looked bands were pre-fixed by The. It was out of hand. Now, it would seem, that the latest fashion is one-word names. Secondsmile, Mimas, Tubelord, Pennines, Blakfish, Anathallo, Itch, Jeniferever, Jairus, heck that's just the BSM affiliates. I then think about my favourite new and unsigned bands: Native, Calories, Tropics, Shapes, Capitals. They're all at it! Kids these days just don't have time for those extra three letters. I might start dropping the word from every sentence I write. Only problem with that is confusion I might cause to readers and anyone reading blog from this point will think I am biggest simpleton in world. That would be taking piss.

Anyway, news...

Mimas brilliant album, 'The Worries', is available to pre-order from now, as promised yesterday. Anyone coming to see them on tour next week? Cos you should, you know. London Barfly on Tuesday with This Town Needs Guns, Pennines and Colour will be especially amazing.

In geographically related news, Secondsmile play the afternoon mattinee Drowned In Sound Rota club tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon. It's at the Notting Hill Arts Club in, you guessed it, Notting Hill, and will be on stage around 6pm I think. As per usual it's free entry and doors open at 4. They're joined on stage by Envy And Other Sins (genuinely couldn't remember if their name was supposed to have a 'The' in it) and Brontide, featuring Will, ex-I Was A Cub Scout. Should be a good un.

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