Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The 2 Pigs

The ink in the printer has run out. Gutted. Having made a quick Google search to find a local business which provides a refill service (of which there are disappointingly few in Oxford) I found this interesting line: Printer's ink is apparently the third most expensive liquid in the world by weight. Didn't know that did you? Go forth and impress your loved ones and spend the day safe in the knowledge that Blog Scary Monsters has improved your life.

Last night we went to see Tubelord and Blakfish at the 2 Pigs in Cheltenham, part of their mammoth 28 date UK tour. Good to catch up with the lads again and hear the many gathering tour stories and a fitting excuse to make my first ever trip to Cheltenham. Essentially a ghost town, there were roughly 20 times more people in the venue than there were on the high street. Tom from Blakfish announced on stage that the human body produces one litre of saliva a day. With this, and the above printer ink in mind, perhaps I should begin a fact of the day feature. It could save lives. Any contributions?

Mimas are here in two weeks. Woop!

Bad news: Unfortunately the This Town Needs Guns/Pennines split single will no longer be released on vinyl. Not for now, anyway. Our original plan was for it to be released in July but due to a number of factors it over-ran and is now very close to the TTNG album, making us worry it may get lost behind that and not receive the full attention it deserves. Therefore we've decided it's probably best to focus our efforts on the full-length for now and hope to bring you a proper, physical Pennines release early in the new year. The split will still be available via iTunes and all other digital music resellers from 22nd September, but you won't find it on a lovely slab of vinyl I'm afraid. Soz.

Now in better news, the new Tubelord single details have been announced. 'I Am Azerrad' will be released via BSM on 29th September and, like with debut single 'Feed Me A Box Of Words', will come with a free CD featuring a bonus third track. To make this release extra special all 500 7"s will be packaged in special, hand-drawn sleeves. Every single one is different. Every. Single. One! OMG WTF etc etc. You can hear 'I Am Azerrad' over at www.myspace.com/tubelord right now and can also get your pre-orders in there, which is probably a good idea. Remember how I told you the last single would sell out quickly and it was gone in a month? Well this one will be quicker. You heard it here first.

And in yet more good news, we'll be announcing a new release from a brand new band tomorrow! Not wanting to put the cat among the pigeons or anything, but it's going to be macho. You'll see.

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