Thursday, 31 July 2008

Radio waves

BT are still ruining my life. "Your phone will be working by 8pm Monday, sir" they lied. It's now 12pm Thursday and still no sign of life. Tuesday morning they claimed the fault had been fixed, Wednesday they tell me two engineers have been out, banging on our front door and ringing my mobile (pants on fire) and Thursday they send me a text saying they're still working on Tuesdays faults. Dicks. I'm still hitting it internet cafe style, hating life.

In better news, Steve Lamacq made '50 Not Out' his alternative album of the week on Monday nights Radio One show. Listen back (scroll to the 55 minute mark) here. Also, Huw Stephens and Dan P Carter (Rock Show) have jumped on the Blakfish loving bandwaggon - and rightly so - by both dropping their track 'Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man' on their shows this week. You can buy 'See You In Another City' by Blakfish from and will receive '50 Not Out' completely free. If that's not brilliant I don't know what is.

Gotta go, apparently a BT engineer will be calling round to the house in half an hours time.

Yours, in the breath holding anticipation

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Owen said...

are you and dave gorman the same person?