Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Quarter century

Tomorrow I turn 25. I can't give you the precise time, I don't actually know, but sometime during July 17th every year I get a little bit older. Tomorrow's a biggie. Gone are the days of fake ID, asking my Nan to go to the bookies and put bets on for me, and recklessly climbing trees. As are the days of sobriety in America, getting bored by teachers and having to sit on the kids table during family meals at Christmas. Lord, even the days of people saying "you run a record label and you're only..." (insert any age <25) are behind me now. From here on in all I'm going to get is "you're 25 and you're still wasting your time playing about with music? Shouldn't you grow up and get a real job? When I was your age..." (insert patronising comment about 2.5 children, a mortgage and a pension plan). At least I'll get a big fat cake.

Here's a birthday present from me to you. Not the conventional way to do things but who cares? I'm Peter Pan.

This Town Needs Guns - 'Baboon' free MP3 download.
Taken from the forthcoming album, 'Animals'


Jack said...

Happy birthday dear Kev... Fear not mate - I'm 3 days away from 26.. My life is essentially over -

I'm booking into a care home as of tomorrow


John Lawson said...

Ha, wait until you turn 30! THEN you start thinking about being 40... Man, that's frightening...

PS Secondsmile is really growing on me, good work!