Monday, 7 July 2008

Pulled Abart By Hoises

My brain will not allow me to say the words "Pulled Apart By Horses" out loud without it screwing up and coming out as "Pulled Abart By Hoises", which, arguably, is better anyway. Either way, you should definitely check them out (they're a band, by the way. I failed to mention that before now). Brilliant, punchy rock with more energy than a young Roy Keane.

Yesterday I attended the annual Cowley Road carnival. For anyone who doesn't know the wonderful East Oxford street it's basically a long road in a culturally varied, student-occupied part of the city. There are restaurants representing every nationality you can name, amazing age-old graffiti, a handful of music venues and many a cool indie hangout. Once a year they shut the street off whilst thousands of people wander around enjoying food from stalls outside of the shops, bands playing on every corner, skate ramps and assorted other bizarre sights. Apart from the rain, it was another fine year and we're all excitedly looking forward to 2009 already.

Last week I re-discovered The Bled. You know when you used to love an album and then somehow forget about it? Well that's just what I did with 'Found In The Flood'. I went onto Youtube with the attention of posting the video for 'My Assassin' on here, but seemingly Universal aren't into that idea and have disabled the embed option! Not really sure what the logic is there. I understand that major labels are currently crapping themselves over piracy, illegal file sharing and the rest of it, but surely allowing fans to host a video on their Myspace page, website and indeed self-indulgent blog, would just boost their viewing numbers and in turn their sales figures? Is there something I'm missing here? Am I being naive and overlooking some music industry crippling knowledge which means that by making one video from a 10 track album available in the public domain, to those who want to share their brilliance with friends and colleagues, they will actually harm a bands profile and record selling potential? Sometimes it's painfully obvious why so many people are worried about the state music.

'Years' by Secondsmile is released today. Go buy it. Here's yet another friendly review, this time from The Fly magazine:

(click it to read - unless you have Superman's eyes)

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jamila FUCKING DANCE said...

hurrah for PABH. can't wait to see them live.