Thursday, 17 July 2008

On A Wire

Yesterday I listened to 'On A Wire' for the first time ever. If someone asks me the horrendous question of "who's your favourite band?" the last 6 years vanish from memory without a trace, leaving me reeling off a list which reads like a who's who of early-naughties haircut bands, where one could be forgiven for thinking that this scruffy 20-something is nothing more than a repressed emo kid clinging on to his ever tear. "erm... Taking Back Sunday? Maybe? I dunno" Given a little more time and consideration, the honest answer could well be The Get Up Kids.

It's nearly a decade since I read a complimentary Kerrang review for 'Something To Write Home About' and made it my first purchase from the relatively new fad of online auction websites. I've never looked back and there's barely been a week since that one of their albums has not graced these ears. In a good mood? Put on 'Four Minute Mile' and sing out loud: "Oh Amy, don't hate me, for running awaaaay from you". In a bad mood? Stick the Live At Grenada Theatre album on and drift off into a happy dream world of the amazing night at the tiny Camden Barfly, packed into an excited crowd during their 3 night, 2004 stint. DJing a sweaty indie disco? 'Ten Minutes' will get them moving. They're one of the only bands in my life who will satisfy every mood, whim or situation.

The thing is that despite my love for the sorely missed Kansas act, I never dared listen to 'On A Wire' and the worst thing of all is that I can't even remember why. Like an out of control, childish arguement with an "I can't remember what you did to upset me" ending. Vague memories of friends with taste I obviously valued too highly telling me bad things have the finger of assumption pointed at them, but I really have to hold my hands up and accept responsibility here. There is no excuse.

I turned 25 today and frankly couldn't possibly end the first quarter chapter without at least giving this record a try and finally completing a long-overdue collection. It's a great album, by the way, and I urge everyone - of all ages - to learn from my mistake and listen to your biggest musical ignorance. Chances are you might just like it.

R.I.P. The Get Up Kids. Sorry I doubted you.

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