Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Ever wondered what I'd look like whilst stealing a fishing trawler from Weymouth harbour?

Boring By The Sea festival was awesome. Loads of people, amazing bands, an aftershow party featuring two of the hottest DJs around (biased? no way), a Euro 2008 final which saw my pre-tournament tips pick up the trophy and fill my pockets with cash, and a few hours spent sitting on a beach and by the harbour drinking Pimms and daydreaming about giant seagulls wearing suits kicking in toilet doors. Living as far from sea as the UK will allow often leaves me delusional when the salty air hits the nostrils.

So after a week which took me to London, Essex, Denmark, Bristol and Weymouth it's nice to have a few days at home and begin the terrible task of catching up on emails. Sorry if anyone has been waiting a long time to hear back from me, all is nearly back on track.

Tomorrow night is the Secondsmile album launch party at The Metro in London. The lineup is amazing with The Xcerts, Colour, A Secret. Very Special. Guest playing a low-key festival warm-up show and Dave Tubelord laying down some massive between-band beats. It all starts at 7.30 and I believe it's £6 on the door. Seeya there!

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