Tuesday, 8 July 2008

New TTNG track

Sorry to tear you away from last nights 'A Damp Ride Across The Pennines' video, which, by the way, was the 200th post on Blog Scary Monsters. New readers have a lot of catching up to do. ( I wouldn't bother, said video was pretty much as good as it gets). Anyway, back to the point: 'Chinchilla', taken from the forthcoming This Town Needs Guns album, 'Animals', is now available to stream from the bands Myspace page. I would say it's in my top five favourite tracks on the new record, although as I may have said once or twice before, it's all about 'Panda' for me.

I'm moving house in three weeks. Just been to sign a bunch of papers and pay a ridiculous amount of money which is making the bottom of my overdraft look horribly nearby. Thankfully that isn't the only thing which is nearby: I'll be back in walking distance of The Colonel. Gotta love that fried chicken.

Over the coming weeks I'm going to look into building on the number of exclusive t-shirt designs we have available via www.bsmrocks.com - At the moment you will find BSM, Anathallo and Tubelord shirts which aren't available anywhere else. In the very near future there'll also be Alcopop, Meet Me In St Louis and one or two more. If you, like me, occasionally have dreams of fat kids wearing amazing shirts which you think need to be printed and put on sale, get in touch. We just might be able to make your worrying dreams a reality.

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