Tuesday, 29 July 2008

New home

What a few days. Thursday was the mayhem of the Blakfish mini-album launch party in London, including drunkeness and the insuing stage invasion, Friday was the start of the house moving extraveganza, Alcopopalooza and it's 13 bands, massive BBQ and incredible heat Saturday, then the prestigious BSM 5-a-side football tournament Sunday. I honestly don't think I've stopped sweating since 9am Thursday. I'm just happy the summer made it here in the end.

Right now I'm in a dodgy little internet cafe on Cowley Road in Oxford. I had hoped to be setup online in the house by now but thanks to BT and the latest in their catalogue of errors it might be a few more days yet. I'm living in a flat for the first time in my life and have a constant feeling of being on holiday, which is pretty cool I guess. I also still have access to our old house for a few more days, so another first is the fact that I'm now a tennant in a 3 bedroom Oxford city outskirts house and a city centre flat. Makes me sound rich. Or stupid. I wish reality wasn't so close to the latter.

So the football tournament was great fun. Punktastic beat Rolo Tomassi/Mirror! Mirror! in a tense final after Lokomotive Moscow (Forward Russia/iLIKETRAINS) and This Town Needs Guns/Pennines went out in the semi's. Unfortunately BSM failed to qualify from their group, despite crushing Hassle 6-1 and putting 4 past Secondsmile in a thoroughly convincing rout. The real winners though were Blakfish for their rowdy, puking, drunk performance as a bunch of lairy midlanders scaling fences, stripping off and generally putting the fun back into the sport. Good times, although I think I may have sweated away a very valuable stone or two.

Blog Scary Monsters will be back in full swing shortly, just as soon as BT pull their finger out... Don't hold your breath.


Jen said...

hey dude, don't want to be a jerk and stalk your blog, but my boyfriend has emailed you several times about some anathallo 7"s that he ordered and paid for several months back and still have not received. could you please let us know what is up with this? thanks a bunch.

Travis said...

Jen tells the truth. I've been trying to get hold of you for quite some time. I hate to resort to posting on your blog, but I'd really like to get my records. Payment has gone through, so I'd like it if you could email me and we can work this out.